Vokal - Super easy video editor for audio creators | Roast My Website

Vokal - Super easy video editor for audio creators

Vokal is a super simple video editor for audio creators.

Create stunning videos with audio waveforms, auto-generated subtitles, and more for your audio and video content.

Get more engagement across all social media platforms for your well-deserved content.

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How do you like my debut? | Roast My Website

How do you like my debut?

This is my first serious website. It is obviously not professional, but please tell me how to improve. Thanks for all constructive criticism/tips on what to learn next :)

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Roast our new landing page | Roast My Website

Roast our new landing page

Hi to all! Recently our team launched a new website and I was wondering whether you can provide your feedback about it?(ux/ui,wording,etc.) It will be extremely useful for us so I'm looking forward to read it! Thanks in advance.

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Provide honest feedback :) | Roast My Website

Provide honest feedback :)

This site was built with speed in mind but have a good set of visuals.

What would you change about the design?

What would you add? Why?

All ideas are very welcome.

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SuperSimpleSignup - add a free HTML sign up form to your site | Roast My Website

SuperSimpleSignup - add a free HTML sign up form to your site


We just finished building this site to allow you to add simple HTML to your site to start collecting emails (and whatever other details you want).

Let us know your thoughts!

  • Is it clear what the product is?
  • Is it obvious how to get started?
  • Do we need to explain the product further?
  • Is it clear how to implement it on your site?

We will obviously add social proofs as we get them too!


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My Personal website, store & blogging platform | Roast My Website

My Personal website, store & blogging platform

My Personal website, store & blogging platform built using Freelancercv.com

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John Kavanagh - freelance front end developer | Roast My Website

John Kavanagh - freelance front end developer

The website, portfolio, and blog of John Kavanagh - a freelance front end web developer from the UK. Built with GatsbyJS and React, using Contentful. This is the latest of my personal websites - over a year in the making and the cumulation of over a decade of tweaking and changing. Any feedback is good feedback: sometimes you just get yourself too close to a project to recognise where it still needs improvement!

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Minecraft Server List | Roast My Website

Minecraft Server List

A Minecraft server list site.

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Padink | Roast My Website


Π‘heck my website and give some feedback

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9jafanzone: sports news/social forum | Roast My Website

9jafanzone: sports news/social forum

A sports news/social forum for sports fans in Nigeria; Website in final testing stage.

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Roast my website - TheMashaBrand.com | Roast My Website

Roast my website - TheMashaBrand.com

Hi, I am Daniel Kibet a software developer from Kenya and founder of themashabrand.com, its a website where I sell my PHP Scripts, Bootstrap Themes and Templates.

I would love to hear your thoughts on the site, design, functionalities and how to improve.

PS - Where I saw this website, I saw it from indiehackers, and I think its a great idea.

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Roast My Personal Portfolio | Roast My Website

Roast My Personal Portfolio

Hey πŸ‘‹

I launched this website a long time ago on different platforms however I wonder how I can improve it πŸ€”

Let me know your thoughts,

  • Should I add more text about me, my projects, etc.?
  • Is this website easy to use and intuitive?

Thanks, everyone πŸ™Œ

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Let's roast #RoastMyWebsite | Roast My Website

Let's roast #RoastMyWebsite

Hey everyone πŸ‘‹

I'm Andriy Chemerynskiy, creator of Roast My Website.

The main goal of this platform is to help you to get feedback, expose your website to the world, receive critics, suggestions. It will help you to improve it, validate and get ideas!

Tell me what you think about this website:

  • What can be improved?
  • What kind of features are you looking for?

Thanks! Roast away πŸ”₯

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