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John Kavanagh - freelance front end developer

I think that this website is awesome 😍 The website is elegant, performant, and with pleasant animations. I was looking for some issues but I didn't find them. Wish you good luck with finding cool projects for your freelance business 😎

Minecraft Server List

Very interesting website! I didn't play Minecraft (yes those people still exist 😄), but if I will I would come to your website 😉

I would suggest adding an info icon next to the "Top Servers" text because it's not very intuitive that this area is clickable. Or move this information about the website to the About page.

Also, I think that you can improve search logic. Currently, it is not possible to type something in and click the "Search" button. The user has to press "Enter", to make it become a search term.


I love this website! Clean design, cool animations, and excellent performance 😎

I noticed few things that can be improved:

  • Contact button in the header is not aligned to the center
  • Piping Checker page from Careers is not found (btw cool Not Found page)
  • Responsiveness mobile (tested on iPhone SE):
    • Carousel with happy clients can be stoped when you mistakenly touch it on your phone (a bit weird 😄). I guess it should not be possible to stop it
    • It's not clear what page you are on when you open the header menu. You can use different background etc. to highlight it
    • Footer's text (with All Rights Reserved) doesn't have padding around it and "All Rights Reserved" can be moved to a new line
Roast my website -

Hi Daniel, thank you 🙂

I guess that you are still working on this project and going to improve many things, but you asked for a roast so here you go 🔥

Suggestions and issues found:

  • Low-text contrast (more info here)
  • Use sans-serif instead of serif for paragraphs (serif should be used generally for larger letters)
  • Pagination is not aligned horizontally
  • Social links are not working
  • Contact page is not found
  • Registration failed with Fatal Error for me (look into your logs)
  • Products cards are not aligned horizontally (I guess it would look better with the same height in a row)
  • Not fully responsive (some elements don't fit on the screen, missing margins, too large text on mobile)
  • Website is not HTTPS (why https matters)
  • Some images have a bad aspect ratio (CSS tip: object-fit contain or cover would fix it)

There are things that can be improved from UI/UX perspective, but generally, the website is quite clear for me and brings good value for people (templates save peoples time 😄). Wish you good luck with it 🙌

Let's roast #RoastMyWebsite

Thanks 🙂 About page would be added soon 🚀

Roast My Personal Portfolio

Thank you for these good points!

Let's roast #RoastMyWebsite

Thank you for your feedback 🙌

I will think about it! Nice idea

Let's roast #RoastMyWebsite

Yes! It would be added in future releases ✨

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Roast My Personal Portfolio

Hey 👋

I launched this website a long time ago on different platforms however I wonder how I can improve it 🤔

Let me know your thoughts,

  • Should I add more text about me, my projects, etc.?
  • Is this website easy to use and intuitive?

Thanks, everyone 🙌

Let's roast #RoastMyWebsite

Hey everyone 👋

I'm Andriy Chemerynskiy, creator of Roast My Website.

The main goal of this platform is to help you to get feedback, expose your website to the world, receive critics, suggestions. It will help you to improve it, validate and get ideas!

Tell me what you think about this website:

  • What can be improved?
  • What kind of features are you looking for?

Thanks! Roast away 🔥

460 Gallery - Explore and share art in 3D virtual space ✨

Hey! I just finished the landing page for the product I started working on. It is a platform that will allow anyone to post their art in a virtual gallery.

I would like to know what you think about it 🙂

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