Find and fix web app problems that impact your users.

On a PC using Chrome

We have just verified on Windows 11 / Chrome Version 98.0.4758.102 (Official Build) (64-bit) and seems all looks fine. On multiple viewports (large, medium, and small). Let us know if the issue is still there. Thank you.

Find and fix web app problems that impact your users.

@keenan_davis1 thank you for your feedback. Let me answer below.

1st, why have a drop down under Audits in the navigation when there's only one option? It's a waste of effort for the users, just make it say "Site Audit" and when you have other options but the dropdown back.

Fair point. However, there will be very soon another option there - Analytics. Not sure if changing that now to a single option in the menu is fine, but definitely doable.

I see that there's a trial period but I would really emphasize in bold and larger font that no credit card is needed. I almost overlooked it.

We have adjusted that information and bolded the sentence "No credit card required". Should be emphasized now.

On the homepage, the 1 and 3 icons are touching in the How It Works section in blue. Just needs some spacing there

Adjusted. Should be better now. However, if not would you mind in which scenario the spacing isn't enough? Browser / OS / viewport side.

Thank you.

Provide honest feedback :)

Love the "Site Checklist".

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Find and fix web app problems that impact your users.

We have created a solution to perform site audits to determine issues that impact SEO, Performance, Accessibility, Security, and Quality. All audits are performed client-side, real-time, without crawling and on real users, real networks, and real devices.

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