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John Kavanagh - freelance front end developer

Looks good! ;) but you need to make it more cleaner

SuperSimpleSignup - add a free HTML sign up form to your site

You can see this site for more inspiration https://saaslandingpage.com/ or https://cruip.com

Provide honest feedback :)

This looks busy, make it more simple

Roast our new landing page

One the side looks cut off in the header, the testimonial looks long. The button needs to make it align with the font

How do you like my debut?

Is not complete yet? i think you can see some inspiration here: https://saaslandingpage.com/

Abilene Tech Guy

You need to have the brand colour, font and text. Make the images rounded

AnalyticsVerse - Intelligence platform for dev teams

Just the font weight and some spacing in the button, banner, text & padding

Do our new front page give a clear and consistent message?

Can you make it less texty and more images and the showcase more of the webapp

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