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I think the website is fine and it's clear what you do but there are a few things I would change. 1st, why have a drop down under Audits in the navigation when there's only one option? It's a waste of effort for the users, just make it say "Site Audit" and when you have other options but the dropdown back.

  1. I see that there's a trial period but I would really emphasize in bold and larger font that no credit card is needed. I almost overlooked it.

  2. On the homepage, the 1 and 3 icons are touching in the How It Works section in blue. Just needs some spacing there

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I think the website is streamlined as stated and you can easily find the purpose and pricing. What wasn't immediately clear to me was if I have any control over the type of content I will be receiving. Can I select topics I prefer or do I just have to read everything? It was a nice clean site and nothing was off putting at all.

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