John Kavanagh - freelance front end developer

Looks like you fixed the problem. Site looks good!

John Kavanagh - freelance front end developer

Yes, I have seen the trend online. I would suggest not breaking up words like this example "Web Designers Love to try new design ideas because they get bord doing the same old thing in web des-ign and development."

John Kavanagh - freelance front end developer

Interesting... what is the thinking behind it?

John Kavanagh - freelance front end developer

Very nice design skills. Some of the Heading tags are too big, cutting off the word to the next line in some sentences...other than that, nice work!

Fridayy landing page & offer

lol my thoughts exactly... so would be awesome to do a fremium with ads version where people would not have that concern!

Fridayy landing page & offer

Awesome job on this web site design!

Some simple improvements would be helpful to your new customers.

  1. Highlight the fact, above the fold, that you can take a picture of an item and get alerts when it goes on sale.
  2. In the Hero section, make it clear what this service does for the customer, like the feature listed above.
  3. Offer a fremium without credit card requirement for 1 month.
Reno Web Designer - Needs to redesign

Wow thanks Pete! I totally agree... what types of other website design company websites do you like and/or think do a good job at displaying a lot of useful informaiton in a non cluttered way?

Provide honest feedback :)

Nice work! I have some questions.

  1. I like the exspandable boxes at the bottom, are you trying to get into the People Also ask? Is it working for you? I like how the site looks neat and organized, but still has a ton of SEO related content available.
  2. I love the simplicity, but feel the top area needs animation or something extra....but it does tie in well with your statement "I make complex things simple"
  3. Do you have any client testimonials you can share?
  4. What about a YouTube video interview of some sort?

Well done otherwise.

How do you like my debut?

Congrats on your first web design.

Looks like a youth soccer league website correct?

I would put important data like the schedule and the wins/losses at the top. I would also have 3 large, green buttons at the top that linked to the most important information shared on this website like: 1. Application. 2. Download Waivers. 3. Download Schedule.

Do we guide you in the right direction?

The website and colors are very nice, but the use of English is, well, poor. I would hire a native English speaker to re write the content asap.

A poor person would feel ostracizedwith that tone of content for sure.

Bulletted lists would help share what exactly it is that you are selling? Testimonials would help a great deal.

Do our new front page give a clear and consistent message?

Fantastic job! Seriously. I have won two Webby Awards for web design and used to judge at The Davey Awards...

A few improvements:

  1. Add a smiling photo of yourself to the right of a Buy Now button with the price. After all, they are buying from YOU.
  2. Add testimonials with the 5 star images next or above each testimonial higher up on the page.
  3. Have a longer list of what they will get for $xxx price with Check marks next to each.
  4. Have a large button at the end of the checkmark list with a vibrant button.

Overal beautiful design work!

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