Reno Web Designer - Needs to redesign

Hey, first time discovering this 'roast my website' site/forum.

I have taken a quick scan though your site and can see alot of the elements are either misplaced or too big for the allocated containers.

For example:

Your as featured on - is very prominent, both desktop and mobile, I would suggest placing that below your top of the fold 'hero' section. Especially on mobile...

You have a lot of text that needs addressing, as it looks too much and squished together in certain areas. To some degree unreadable and unrelating to what I'm viewing - ref shopify services etc etc

Menu tab - mobile is too far down and in a weird place, 'central below the top of fold'

Testimonials section - the blocks are very large and take over the entire screen and looks cluttered - so maybe try and simplify them a little so they're easier to read 'Inline'

You have three footer menus on the home page which is very confusing

Hope that's a little snippet of guidance :)


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