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@raphael_kl What a fantastic, honest review. I appreciate the time and effort you put into it. The domain name I pass people is: https://lj.digital it points to the .expert domain. The site exists to show my HTML, CSS and js capabilities (so it's not really a business) more a showcase. The blur was a test to see if I could copy Apple's website a little (a fun experiment). Thanks again. Lee Johnson

Provide honest feedback :)

Most don't have the word "menu" next to the hamburger, so i thought it would help but i do design for mobile-first as more people view the site via a mobile device. I design and make changes based of the users.

Provide honest feedback :)

Thanks. Try it theres a free option. No more stupid popups.

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There is nothing I would change on this site. It's epic.

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Provide honest feedback :)

This site was built with speed in mind but have a good set of visuals.

What would you change about the design?

What would you add? Why?

All ideas are very welcome.