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9jafanzone: sports news/social forum

Website: https://www.9jafanzone.com


A sports news/social forum for sports fans in Nigeria; Website in final testing stage.


I think you need to make some design adjustments to make the site more clear for new users :)

  1. Unintuitive navigation. Why do the same news posts appear twice? You should indicate what kind of news this is, if it is "Trending news", place the title on the left side of the screen; and instead "Trending news" on the right, write "See more".
  2. You can increase the distance between the menu items in the header.
  3. The search input should be moved from the footer to the header.
  4. Logo and menu items can also be aligned along the posts to match the grid.
  5. Make the distance between the cards bigger. They are too close to each other.
  6. You can add info about a post directly on the preview, not only when it gets to the post itself.

Please modify the placeholder on the urlfield "www.example.com" to "https://www.example.com" to save future souls some pain; Make reviews ASAP.

Thanks, fixed 🚀