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Abilene Tech Guy

Website: https://www.abilenetechguy.com


I am in the technology service business. Looking for feedback on how to tweak my writing to convert visitors into customers.


You need to have the brand colour, font and text. Make the images rounded

Hey, I was checking it on my phone and found few things that might be improved:

  • When I open menu and click “Services” (instead of the arrow) then the whole the menu is closed. In my opinion, it should behave the same as the expand arrow button.
  • Few pages are not responsive on mobile. For example “Home Automation” and “ Tech Support and Computer Repair“ pages have super tiny images. I would move it to the top of the page and make it full width. Also on the “Web hosting and Design” page submit button is not fully visible.

I like that you have a lot of content on your website and it makes really good impression. Also I like how you integrated feedback from different platforms on the testimonials page.