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Do our new front page give a clear and consistent message?



We've just completed a website redesign - we hope that the message is clearer and navigation simpler. Please let us know if we hit the mark!


Fantastic job! Seriously. I have won two Webby Awards for web design and used to judge at The Davey Awards...

A few improvements:

  1. Add a smiling photo of yourself to the right of a Buy Now button with the price. After all, they are buying from YOU.
  2. Add testimonials with the 5 star images next or above each testimonial higher up on the page.
  3. Have a longer list of what they will get for $xxx price with Check marks next to each.
  4. Have a large button at the end of the checkmark list with a vibrant button.

Overal beautiful design work!

This is awesome! My only comment would be to add a more prominent CTA at the top of the home page / throughout the site. Help guide the user!

Can you make it less texty and more images and the showcase more of the webapp

Hey, first of all, it is a great idea!

For me the message is clear, however, I think about updating the image on the home page. Currently, you have traditional Greece white/blue houses. It looks good because it matches the main colors from the website. But I think if you choose an image more related to relocation/expats/travel it might improve the website's message.

In terms, of navigation, I would change "Explore countries" button behavior. Right now when you click on it shows countries selector, but intuitively I would expect it to navigate to page.

It would be nice (if it is possible) to have links in "We’ve proudly been featured in". So when you click on logotype it would redirect you to the article. It might improve the impression of the website.

I wish you good luck with it and curious how it would develop!

Thank you for the time and insight!