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Do we guide you in the right direction?



Hey! We tried to make a very streamlined process when using our site, guiding you from page to page. Let us know your thoughts!!


not a fine of the term "time poor"

I'm sure you tested this, but nobody likes to think of themselves as "time poor"... and how much of that phrase is about the rhyme? A more positive slogan might be better. A few ideas you didn't ask for: Read more than the headline, but not the whole article. Everybody reads the headline, go deeper. Concise articles.

The website and colors are very nice, but the use of English is, well, poor. I would hire a native English speaker to re write the content asap.

A poor person would feel ostracizedwith that tone of content for sure.

Bulletted lists would help share what exactly it is that you are selling? Testimonials would help a great deal.

I think the website is streamlined as stated and you can easily find the purpose and pricing. What wasn't immediately clear to me was if I have any control over the type of content I will be receiving. Can I select topics I prefer or do I just have to read everything? It was a nice clean site and nothing was off putting at all.

Cheers Kenan! We're looking at giving users the option to customise the content they receive, but currently we can't afford to produce the volume of content that would allow users to have a customised email. Thanks for the feedback!