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Fridayy landing page & offer



Go to the site, enter your number, get a text... then, you can shop using a text message. AI finds the best recommendations and deals to save time and money. is this something you'd pay for?


Awesome job on this web site design!

Some simple improvements would be helpful to your new customers.

  1. Highlight the fact, above the fold, that you can take a picture of an item and get alerts when it goes on sale.
  2. In the Hero section, make it clear what this service does for the customer, like the feature listed above.
  3. Offer a fremium without credit card requirement for 1 month.

it's a great looking website, love the colours and an interesting idea. Im not sure whether i might have slight security concerns about kinda letting AI loose with my details and credit card though haha?

lol my thoughts exactly... so would be awesome to do a fremium with ads version where people would not have that concern!