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John Kavanagh - freelance front end developer



The website, portfolio, and blog of John Kavanagh - a freelance front end web developer from the UK. Built with GatsbyJS and React, using Contentful. This is the latest of my personal websites - over a year in the making and the cumulation of over a decade of tweaking and changing. Any feedback is good feedback: sometimes you just get yourself too close to a project to recognise where it still needs improvement!


Looks good! ;) but you need to make it more cleaner

Some thoughts, if it's not too late:

  • The all caps in the footer is lovely. I don't know why people write "All rights reserved". If you google this phrase, you'll see that it's not necessary.
  • I don't see how to move between items in the testimonial carousel. I'm not sure all of the links to LinkedIns are correct - one of them said Simon but when I clicked it led to a Clive. "Simon, Co-founder" is underspecific.
  • I like your take on the hamburger button.
  • Sometimes the headline says "senior" web dev, sometimes "freelance" web dev, which is a little confusing.
  • I'm not sure about the peeking-through-the-letterbox approach to your photo.

It's very clean and readable. You have also done a good job with the user interface. I haven't found any issues :)

Hi John, it's great, thanks for sharing. If I was looking for a developer, I'd be convinced. 😀

If I had to change something, I would add a "back to top" button in your blog and when viewing a project.

I think that this website is awesome 😍 The website is elegant, performant, and with pleasant animations. I was looking for some issues but I didn't find them. Wish you good luck with finding cool projects for your freelance business 😎