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Let's roast #RoastMyWebsite

Website: https://roastmywebsite.net


Hey everyone 👋

I'm Andriy Chemerynskiy, creator of Roast My Website.

The main goal of this platform is to help you to get feedback, expose your website to the world, receive critics, suggestions. It will help you to improve it, validate and get ideas!

Tell me what you think about this website:

  • What can be improved?
  • What kind of features are you looking for?

Thanks! Roast away 🔥


good website need to add editing function after posting

I would love to have a reddit integration on this site.

Hi, I think it is worth adding more description of the site itself since when you open it for the first time it is not entirely clear what exactly is happening here. You can make an “about” section or something similar. The design is very nice and neat, there is nothing superfluous. The idea is cool, the product is useful, I wish you to promote it!

Thanks 🙂 About page would be added soon 🚀

Love the idea of this website!

Suggestion: Consider adding leaderboards, trophies, point systems, or forums. So users won't submit their website and never come back

As well you can try creating a #roastmywebsite subreddit or Twitter account

Thank you for your feedback 🙌

I will think about it! Nice idea

Dark mode sounds good

Yes! It would be added in future releases ✨