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Minecraft Server List

Website: https://minecraft.server-lists.com


A Minecraft server list site.


Very interesting website! I didn't play Minecraft (yes those people still exist 😄), but if I will I would come to your website 😉

I would suggest adding an info icon next to the "Top Servers" text because it's not very intuitive that this area is clickable. Or move this information about the website to the About page.

Also, I think that you can improve search logic. Currently, it is not possible to type something in and click the "Search" button. The user has to press "Enter", to make it become a search term.

It's looking good! I'd say that perhaps the animated banners are a little distracting but it's a minor point. Personally, I'd consider only allowing the animation to roll when that specific area is hovered-over. It's really little more than personal preference though!