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小heck my website and give some feedback


Good work! Few comments:

  • Feel it is missing a real, clear CTA button above the fold, makes the user unsure of the action they are supposed to take
  • Not sure about the socials being vertical on the left hand side on desktop, expected the column to continue down the page so loses its coherence somewhat and also doesn't quite fit with the rest of the site, maybe just move to navbar on right hand side?
  • Looks like a typo ('motto' not 'moto')
  • Like what you are doing with transitions as you scroll but they are a little jerky, could be smoothed (may just need to be quicker as it is fine when you scroll really slowly), think the text should fade in as well as out in these sections as this adds to the 'jerkiness'
  • why are we unique table looks a bit out of place and potentially like buttons (which they are not) so may want to remove table outline?

Hope that helps! Happy to explain more for any if you need it!

Nice website. The only suggestion I have is not to make this gradient opacity on the image of the first page. It looks better without it like on the "plant engineering" page.

I love this website! Clean design, cool animations, and excellent performance 馃槑

I noticed few things that can be improved:

  • Contact button in the header is not aligned to the center
  • Piping Checker page from Careers is not found (btw cool Not Found page)
  • Responsiveness mobile (tested on iPhone SE):
    • Carousel with happy clients can be stoped when you mistakenly touch it on your phone (a bit weird 馃槃). I guess it should not be possible to stop it
    • It's not clear what page you are on when you open the header menu. You can use different background etc. to highlight it
    • Footer's text (with All Rights Reserved) doesn't have padding around it and "All Rights Reserved" can be moved to a new line