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Provide honest feedback :)



This site was built with speed in mind but have a good set of visuals.

What would you change about the design?

What would you add? Why?

All ideas are very welcome.


Nice work! I have some questions.

  1. I like the exspandable boxes at the bottom, are you trying to get into the People Also ask? Is it working for you? I like how the site looks neat and organized, but still has a ton of SEO related content available.
  2. I love the simplicity, but feel the top area needs animation or something extra....but it does tie in well with your statement "I make complex things simple"
  3. Do you have any client testimonials you can share?
  4. What about a YouTube video interview of some sort?

Well done otherwise.

Love the "Site Checklist".

This looks busy, make it more simple

I think @raphael_kl is spot on. A bit too busy for me. Slim down the colour pallet. Also, maybe increase the size of your photo as that is that main image. Also, is being "Lancashire-based" a USP for your market? If not, then maybe this is worth cutting out, or widen to UK based?

The design is bold and attention-grabbing. With the glowing words, the rainbow spectra, the pink on black, and the spinning animations, there is not much chance for the eye to rest. I would consider brightening the site (dark text on a bright background is easier to read), and using a smaller number of memorable visual details.

The brighter sections that pop up when you click a service are nicely designed. There is a good amount of white space and the experience is inviting. I've heard that since people learn how to use the web by using other people's websites, it's usually not a good idea to try to teach someone a new way to navigate a site, since this is usually too demanding, and people have little time. I would stick with conventions that work, and modify them a little to add a personal touch. For example, you have a testimonial carousel, which is a convention, but the navigation bar uses hearts, which confused me. (At first the glowing heart looked like a rating of "one heart out of three" to me.) I don't think you lose anything by sticking with something more familiar. Also, in that part of the site, I think you want the reviewers to speak for themselves, so you probably don't want to frame their words by adding, implicitly, "look how much they love me!" Maybe mention the firms these people work for? The carousel seems designed to look like it has more than three items, but this is easily discovered, which is an unusual experience. Sticking with the convention rather than adapting it (which involves risk) might be the way to go.

The font that loads in my browser is the default sans-serif font (Helvetica, for me) though I think a different font ("CircularStd"?) might be intended, and is not loading for me, for some reason. Dark blue words on black are hard for me to read. For choosing colors I would use or some other color scheme generator which will help you find colors that work well together. Stick with one primary color and an accent color, and use the other colors sparingly.

It would be natural to mention your name in the opening paragraph: "I'm [first name or full name], a Lancashire-based..." I'm not sure about the way your photo is placed in a circle; something seems unusual about it, perhaps because part of your head is cut off.

Is "LJ Digital" the name of the firm? If not, the logo is not entirely clear.

I think that ".expert" as a domain name is a bit of risk, since it's not as familiar as ".com" (even to techies), which may produce a negative initial impression. (I'm speaking as someone using a ".school" domain that carries the same risk.)

For me, the "backdrop-filter: blur" technique doesn't add too much and feels a bit gimmicky. It may draw attention away from the main things you want your customers to see.

The picture under "I'll help your business thrive" is beautiful.

The way the line with dots changes as you navigate the site is clever.

I hope you succeed. You have a thoughtful, multiprong business and I've enjoyed browsing your site this afternoon - thank you.

@raphael_kl What a fantastic, honest review. I appreciate the time and effort you put into it. The domain name I pass people is: it points to the .expert domain. The site exists to show my HTML, CSS and js capabilities (so it's not really a business) more a showcase. The blur was a test to see if I could copy Apple's website a little (a fun experiment). Thanks again. Lee Johnson

I don't like hamburger menu's appearing on desktop sites. I prefer real navbars. I like the other design choices.

Most don't have the word "menu" next to the hamburger, so i thought it would help but i do design for mobile-first as more people view the site via a mobile device. I design and make changes based of the users.

I love your cookie solution!!!

Thanks. Try it theres a free option. No more stupid popups.

I like the flow, but would certainly add your use cases on the main page! It'll help to grow credibility and conversion