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Reno Web Designer - Needs to redesign



I am wanting to re design my company website, but would love some insights.

I sell the following:

  1. Custom Web Design.
  2. Web Development.
  3. Shopify Stores
  4. WordPress Web Design
  5. SEO Services

There are thousands of other web design and SEO companies online and it is almost overwhelming to make a decision on what style or vibe to use for my own website.

I design about 30 new sites a problem for other businesses...but for my own website? LOL forget about it!

Appreciate your help.


Hey, first time discovering this 'roast my website' site/forum.

I have taken a quick scan though your site and can see alot of the elements are either misplaced or too big for the allocated containers.

For example:

Your as featured on - is very prominent, both desktop and mobile, I would suggest placing that below your top of the fold 'hero' section. Especially on mobile...

You have a lot of text that needs addressing, as it looks too much and squished together in certain areas. To some degree unreadable and unrelating to what I'm viewing - ref shopify services etc etc

Menu tab - mobile is too far down and in a weird place, 'central below the top of fold'

Testimonials section - the blocks are very large and take over the entire screen and looks cluttered - so maybe try and simplify them a little so they're easier to read 'Inline'

You have three footer menus on the home page which is very confusing

Hope that's a little snippet of guidance :)


Wow thanks Pete! I totally agree... what types of other website design company websites do you like and/or think do a good job at displaying a lot of useful informaiton in a non cluttered way?