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Roast My Personal Portfolio



Hey 👋

I launched this website a long time ago on different platforms however I wonder how I can improve it 🤔

Let me know your thoughts,

  • Should I add more text about me, my projects, etc.?
  • Is this website easy to use and intuitive?

Thanks, everyone 🙌


There is nothing I would change on this site. It's epic.

Looks great, potentially allow the scrolling to transfer between about/skills/contact. Also viewing on mobile is very broken.

I like the idea of the portfolio itself. I have associations with space because of these flying meteorites, it's cool that they can be crashed, this adds interactivity to the site. The portfolio is readable and quite intuitive to me. I would like to add more information about other projects if there are some. You can try to add the projects item to the menu next to the skills. From the design side, in the future, you can try to remove this frame around to make the composition open and experiment with fonts and their sizes, use other colors and accents to make the site look more trendy :)

Thank you for these good points!