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Hi, I am Daniel Kibet a software developer from Kenya and founder of, its a website where I sell my PHP Scripts, Bootstrap Themes and Templates.

I would love to hear your thoughts on the site, design, functionalities and how to improve.

PS - Where I saw this website, I saw it from indiehackers, and I think its a great idea.


footer section feels empty and big

Hi Daniel, thank you 🙂

I guess that you are still working on this project and going to improve many things, but you asked for a roast so here you go 🔥

Suggestions and issues found:

  • Low-text contrast (more info here)
  • Use sans-serif instead of serif for paragraphs (serif should be used generally for larger letters)
  • Pagination is not aligned horizontally
  • Social links are not working
  • Contact page is not found
  • Registration failed with Fatal Error for me (look into your logs)
  • Products cards are not aligned horizontally (I guess it would look better with the same height in a row)
  • Not fully responsive (some elements don't fit on the screen, missing margins, too large text on mobile)
  • Website is not HTTPS (why https matters)
  • Some images have a bad aspect ratio (CSS tip: object-fit contain or cover would fix it)

There are things that can be improved from UI/UX perspective, but generally, the website is quite clear for me and brings good value for people (templates save peoples time 😄). Wish you good luck with it 🙌