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Roast our new landing page



Hi to all! Recently our team launched a new website and I was wondering whether you can provide your feedback about it?(ux/ui,wording,etc.) It will be extremely useful for us so I'm looking forward to read it! Thanks in advance.


One the side looks cut off in the header, the testimonial looks long. The button needs to make it align with the font

Hi, congrats on launching a new website! The website looks clean and loads fast. There are few things that I think might be improved:

  • "Key features", "Who can use it" links don't scroll to the proper position on Safari (and iPhone)
  • I am not sure if this is intended, but there are margins around content on larger screens. It looks especially weird on Privacy Policy, Cookies Policy pages. Screenshots:, In my opinion, it would look much better without those margins
  • Home page is visible for a second when the Privacy Policy page is being loaded:

I can provide more details if needed 🙂

thanks! would love to hear