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SuperSimpleSignup - add a free HTML sign up form to your site




We just finished building this site to allow you to add simple HTML to your site to start collecting emails (and whatever other details you want).

Let us know your thoughts!

  • Is it clear what the product is?
  • Is it obvious how to get started?
  • Do we need to explain the product further?
  • Is it clear how to implement it on your site?

We will obviously add social proofs as we get them too!



You can see this site for more inspiration or

Looks good 🙂

Here are a few suggestions/issues:

  • YouTube video is very low quality (480p), so it is hard to see anything here (especially code)
  • It would be great to have "Copy code" button
  • Header is not fully responsive on small phones (eg. iPhone SE/8)
  • Social icons in the footer are not fully aligned to the center and padding is missing
  • You can't simply return to the landing (main) page when you are logged in. Also logotype in header is not a navigatable link anymore
  • No 404 page

It's clear what the product is and how to get started, but it would be also good to know what is the roadmap of this product and how it is different (or will be different) from others.

Wish you good luck!

Thanks for taking the time to have a look! Will for sure get some of these updated ASAP.

On the copy code button, where did you mean? I think we have them everywhere already? If you can tell us where you'd like one we can maybe make it more obvious!

I meant the copy to clipboard button on the main page near code snippets ("2 - Copy your unique form to your site"). But this is just a tiny thing and I guess not so important 🙂

Ahhh I see, yes that's because that form is before you are logged in so is a dummy form and wouldn't work without the unique ID you create as you login. Can see how the confusion came about though, may reword!